Entry #1

What the hell is StudioFOW?

2015-05-01 10:23:15 by StudioFOW


We are a group of 3D animators who make filthy, perverted and disgusting content that should never be viewed by anyone.

Unfortunately people viewed it anyway, and now we're the hottest 3D porn studio on the Internet

We parody popular videogame heroines and the occasional original character. We make OVA-length hentai movies, short animated loops and even flash games. 


You can check us out on www.studiofow.com

You can support us on www.patreon.com/fow

We're always looking for wonderful and talented voice actresses to join the team so please send your demo reels to fowstudios@gmail.com



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2015-10-11 19:36:20

Sorry to bug you StuidoFow im having trouble finsihing queen of the jungle it wont let me do the cum part or get the hidden scene please help thanks


2015-10-20 09:54:06

Your games look amazing, but I am having trouble getting them to load. It always ends up as a white screen. If I could get some help? Thanks.


2016-02-03 21:55:04

Can't believe i hadn't discovered you guys earlier. killer animation work keep it up <3 <3 <3

StudioFOW responds:

Thank you! <3


2016-03-12 04:42:12

Ever since I stumbled upon your bioshock infinite movie, I had to see who were creating these wonderful works of art. Then I realized you already made 3 more and at that point, I was so in love with your work that you were the first patron I ever supported despite all the other people who wanted me to support them. Thank you!

StudioFOW responds:

Thank you also, my lovely~! We're glad you're appreciating our hard work :3 ~Fow-chan


2016-08-14 07:49:10

To Deesantillan, hold Ctrl and Mouse down to zoom out, because the game is too big. There's only one cum option in the "Missionary". About the hidden scene, buddy find it yourself.


2016-10-23 13:56:44

You guys are amazing! Whenever I need inspiration in my life I look for videos that you do! How long do modeling to be done?

Do you use Maya or Blender?


Big kisses of you BIGGEST fan!

Love you guys <3

StudioFOW responds:

Bless you, you're so adorable! Thank you so much~ <3

We actually use Source Film Maker and Adobe After Effects as of now, but we are slowly looking to progress in to another (Likely Blender) But we will need to take time to train animators in it or find new animators who work with it, as well as having a huge render farm as that takes a lot of rendering hours without one.

Big kisses and cuddles for you too, lovely fowling~ Mwaaahh <3


2017-02-07 11:38:34

I'll keep this short and simple: YOU PEOPLE ARE THE BEST. <Salutes>


2017-07-12 18:33:32

Y'all are by far my favorite animators of...well, the kind of stuff I hide on my computer~! Haha
I've been a huge fan for a while now, and I'm actually looking to do a little bit of voice acting myself (I think it was when I watched Laura In Trouble which is weird but hey, we all come to our realizations sooner or later, eh?). Anyway, I wanted to thank you guys for all the work you put into your games and animations!

Keep doing what you're doing, 'cause you're doing it right.

Arcy <3